Sainsbury's launches new range of period underwear Love Luna

Caroline Allen
The Love Luna range is available now. [Photo: Sainsbury's]
The Love Luna range is available now. [Photo: Sainsbury's]

Sainsbury’s clothing brand, Tu, has launched a new range of period underwear called Love Luna.

With research revealing we spend around £5,000 on period products in our lifetimes, it’s no wonder that more brands are looking to reusable period underwear as a way of tackling period poverty.

The new range features two collections of period briefs and underwear with a style to suit women of all ages.

Each pair of period briefs has four layers of protection, which can absorb the equivalent of 2-3 tampons worth of liquid (15ml) while the Lady Leaks range can hold as much as 30-40ml of liquid.

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The four-layered approach starts with a cotton lining close to the skin. This is followed by an absorbent and stretchable layer to catch any leaks, a further layer to protect clothing and bed sheets and one final cotton or microfibre layer to give the impression of ordinary underwear.

The Love Luna Lady Leaks range is a bit more robust, offering us quick-dry, antibacterial and anti-odour protection.

They’re designed for women with heavy flow periods, or those who would like a sustainable alternative to sanitary products.

The Lady Leaks range are best suited to women with a heavy flow period. [Photo: Sainsbury's]
The Lady Leaks range are best suited to women with a heavy flow period. [Photo: Sainsbury's]

Women have been calling out for eco-friendly alternatives to sanitary products for some time.

According to Organicup, tampons, pads and their associated packaging equates to 200,000 tonnes of waste per year. Which, to put into context, is the equivalent weight of 100,000 cars.

That’s a lot of cars.

The range is available now. The standard period knickers cost £10 and the Lady Leaks range - which includes a maternity underwear option - cost £12 each.

The idea behind the four different styles of underwear - midi brief, full brief, maternity brief and workout brief - is to cover all of the situations women might find themselves in on their periods.

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Contrary to how the majority of us feel during our periods, exercise is a good way to limit period pain, according to the NHS.

It makes sense, then, that Tu’s workout midi briefs prevent leaking during workouts with their patented sealed seams.

The briefs also have no VPL, a handy added extra which we can all appreciate while in downward facing dog.

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Reusable period underwear is rising in popularity as women look for eco-friendly options.

It’s not the only alternative to get our attention, the other being the menstural cup. Recently, menstural cups have been found to be just as effective as other period products, but the usability of the cup has put some people off.

Period underwear might, therefore, be the next step in a more sustainable solution for period protection.

Similar to nappies, most period products contain plastic. The move to reusable nappies has increased over recent years and it looks as though reusable period products are headed in the same direction.

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