People are loving this marshmallow toasting image - how do you like yours?

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
How do you like your marshmallows toasted? [Photo: Getty]

No camping trip will be complete this summer without a supersized bag of fluffy marshmallows ready to toast by the fire - just like they do in the movies.

But it turns out, everyone has a rather particular preference when it comes to the art of fireside roasting.

An image depicting the varying stages of toasting levels from one to 10 has gone viral on Twitter with social media users sharing their favourite snacking option.

According to the results, six, seven and eight seemed to reign our feed with a number of marshmallow enthusiasts swearing by a light toasting.

“I mean, I’d honestly eat them all,” one admitted. “But eight is my speed.”

While others believe that if you’re going to roast it, then you may as well really go for it with some raising their hands for the most burned options of nine and 10.

“Burnt like 8.5 approaching 9. Pull off the burnt deliciousness and eat it, put the gooey part back in the fire for just a few seconds and it gets a bit of a crust again,” one campfire expert explained. “Pop the the whole thing in your mouth, slightly crunchy outside, gooey centre. Perfection.”

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“I love setting mine on fire before blowing it out to eat it,” another added.

A third questioned, “Why even toast it if you’re going to be a wimp about it?”

Though the debate soon grew heated with protesting Twitter users criticising those who opted for a lengthier roasting.

“Anyone who answered 8, 9 or 10 I think we should just fly them to the sun where they belong,” one wrote.

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Another added, “Why not just eat one of the coals if you’re gonna get that much char while you’re at it.”

The question is, where do you stand on the great marshmallow debate of 2019?

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