People Think the ‘Masked Singer’ Yeti Is Omarion and I Think They’re Right

Corinne Sullivan
People Think the ‘Masked Singer’ Yeti Is Omarion and I Think They’re Right

My dear sweet Yeti: Who are you, friend? Why do you have sad eyes? Who tricked you into coming on The Masked Singer, and what can I do to make it better? This damaged snow creature was the final wild card contestant we met this season (thank freakin' goodness, if you ask me) and though we've only seen him give two performances so far, fans already have a pretty solid idea of the "celebrity" who dared to don this fluffy white costume. (Seriously, our guy must be sweating.)

Viewers are united behind the theory that the Yeti is Omarion, and if you don't believe me, allow me to walk you through the evidence. Come on, hurry up, let's go!

The Clues

If you were busy perusing Instagram during the Yeti's first clue package, here’s a quick refresher:

And here’s what really stands out to me from that unexpectedly cute vid:

  • The Yeti says he only comes out of hiding for a “mammoth reason” and he’s here as a “wild force to be reckoned with.”

  • He shows off a stack of firewood while talking about the place he comes from.

  • It sounds like the Yeti could have gone down a troubled path but avoided it, thanks to the “village of warrior women” who helped him become an “Abominable Gentleman” rather than a “monster.”

  • In the kitchen of his lil igloo, he’s presented with a jam sandwich and three cupcakes with birthday candles (???).

  • There’s also a bunny statue on the shelf…and behind it, a heart.

  • One of his three “warrior women” also blows him a kiss while holding a red cutout of a heart.

And here's the clue package from episode 7:

  • The Yeti says he was responsible for an "avalanche" of success but that his "ego" eventually got in the way and caused a mess 🧐

  • The Men in Black play ring toss, as grown adults tend to do

  • He holds cards with A, B, C, and D on them

  • Almost forgot to mention the Yeti's bedazzled headset—looks like he was in some sort of singing group?

  • He pulls a stuffed animal dog out of a top hat, like a magician! Maybe he'll do a magic trick next episode!

  • When the Yeti got a second chance at fame, he knew not to let his ego bring him down

  • The Men in Black wear "Happy New Year" hats while country line-dancing (???)

Oh, I'd be remiss not to answer this highly urgent question—what is the Yeti's favorite food? (Yeah, I don't know what this show is up to, either.) Turns out it's...doughnuts!!

Also! The team over at FOX made this montage video that no one asked for, and therefore it is my duty to share it with you:

The Performances

The unwaxed White Walker decided to get the crowd going with “If It Isn’t Love” by New Edition, and he had more moves than I was expecting. Side note: “Game changer” has officially become the most overused phrase since Chris Harrison’s “most dramatic season ever.”

For his second performance on the Masked Singer stage, the Yeti selected "Lonely" by Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco:

The Theories


Photo credit: Jesse Grant - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jesse Grant - Getty Images

Fans REALLY like your B2K fave for the Yeti. Like, this is just a small sampling of all the people shouting “OMARION” into the abyss in the Masked Singer’s YouTube comments:

Photo credit: YouTube
Photo credit: YouTube

Why is everyone so convinced? Well, Omarion has a song called “Ice Box,” so there’s a brrr-coldie-Yeti connection, and he was raised by his mother and grandmother (“his tribe”). But mainly, everyone thinks it sounds just like him. Decide for yourself:

Oh, and also this:

Photo credit: YouTube
Photo credit: YouTube

The dog in the second clue package could be a reference to Bow Wow, a frequent collaborator of Omarion's, and if you rearrange ABCD to ABDC you could make the connection to America's Best Dance Crew, a show that Omarion judged during season 5.

Ray J

Photo credit: Astrid Stawiarz - Getty Images
Photo credit: Astrid Stawiarz - Getty Images

Ray J—who you may know as Brady’s brother, Snoop Dogg’s cousin, or the one-time ~lover~ of Kim Kardashian—is actually a very legit guess. His last name is Norwood, which could explain the firewood the Yeti held in the clue vid, and those three candles could be a nod to Ray J’s most popular song, “One Wish.” And let’s not forget about VH1’s iconic dating show For the Love of Ray J, which could possiblyyy account for that Nick “Cannon” Aphrodite clue. Plus, he was formerly married to Princess Love and starred with her on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, so he’s def all about love, love, love. Oh, and did I mention that he previously appeared on Nick Cannon’s Wild ’N Out? Just! Saying!

Will Smith

Photo credit: Gregg DeGuire - Getty Images
Photo credit: Gregg DeGuire - Getty Images

The second clue package had one fan thinking about the Oscar-nominated actor Will Smith. Huh! Ambitious! The connections, IMO, are flimsy—the "role of a lifetime" could be a nod to Independence Day and he's had a couple career-related flops, like his 2013 movie After Earth, which some critics called "a disaster" (which could relate back to the whole avalanche-and-ego thing). On the one hand, I can actually kinda see Will agreeing to do this show, but on the other hand, my money's still on Omarion.

Taran Killam

Photo credit: JC Olivera - Getty Images
Photo credit: JC Olivera - Getty Images

Another Wild ’N Out alum who could be behind the mythical monster mask: Taran Killam. Although Taran isn’t exactly known for his singing chops, he did play a teen pop star in Stuck in the Suburbs (aka one of the best Disney Channel Original Movies of all time), and he also sorta sang when he played King George III in Hamilton on Broadway. Also, he has a wife (hi, Cobie Smulders!) and two daughters, which could explain that clue about living with a village of warrior women. Convinced? Yeah, me neither. Moving right along.

Justin Bieber

Photo credit: Steve Granitz - Getty Images
Photo credit: Steve Granitz - Getty Images

K, so there’s fully no chance that Justin Bieber would agree to appear on The Masked Singer, but hear me out. The cupcakes featured in the clue package video could be a nod to “Yummy.” He’s repped by Def Jam records, hence that jam sandwich prepared for the Yeti. He has half a dozen songs with “love” in the title, and he recently released “Monster” with Shawn Mendes. I’m not saying J-Biebs is the sad sap sweating inside that Abominable Snowman suit, but I’m also not *not* saying it.

How-ev-er, a couple of fans made the solid point that one of the few rules on Masked Singer is you can’t actually perform your own music, so that’s that!

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