People Are Sharing The Common, Everyday Items They Can No Longer Buy Since They've Gone Up In Price

Since prices of everyday items still haven't gone down, it makes sense why people are still incredibly frustrated with the current financial climate. So when asked: "What is horribly overpriced?" a lot of people from the BuzzFeed Community shared their thoughts. Here's what they had to say below:

1."Event/attraction parking. I had a good discount on tickets to Sandcastle Water Park two weeks ago. I get there, and it’s $20 to park!! Also, the food inside the park is ridiculous! They don’t even have size options or kids' portions. One order of their delicious potato patch fries was $9 before tax! Thankful for free cups of iced water!"

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2."The Airbnb inflation was heartbreaking. A wonderful house for the whole family one year ago was $5K a week. The following year, the same house was $10K."


3."Ticketmaster is a big reason I don’t go to concerts anymore. While a lot of the fees and charges you see go to the venues, it’s their monopoly that bugs me. They had record profits in 2022 and have an outrageous profit-to-employee ratio. Their CEO’s salary is $3 million, but he got a $12 million bonus in 2022, and that same year, stock options worth $116 million (and yes, I just looked that up — I don’t have it memorized, but I figured it’d be something absurd)."

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4."Delivery. The fees have gotten wild on top of the increase in standard menu prices."


5."A bag of chips is $6!! If they aren't on sale, I won't buy them. Also, I saw Wheaties for $7 the other day."

a bag of chips

6."I saw gum for $6.49 at the gas station yesterday. Gum."


7."I went to see Barbie in an Evansville, Indiana theater. (It's an AWESOME theater, but I mentioned the location because it's cheaper than most.) $27 for two tickets. No big deal, I guess? We ate dinner beforehand because concessions are BULLSHIT. I decided I wanted an ICEE and added it to my order on the AMC app. First, I was like 'WTF??' when I saw that an ICEE was $6.98, but it said they would bring it to my assigned seat, and once I saw the total, I said, 'NOPE!'"

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8."Apps with subscriptions. You used to just be able to buy a certain feature or element you want, you know, pick and choose."


9."It’s so expensive to be single! Living alone costs way too much. But I don’t want to have a roommate for multiple practical reasons. Life would be cheaper if I had a boyfriend; it really sucks, I feel like I’m penalized for not having found love yet."

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10."It's a first-world problem, but all equipment and parts for pools. I had to buy a very simple pressure relief valve for the top of my filter. A similar valve for normal plumbing might cost $5. The pool-specific version cost $65. My very simple pool cleaning robot, which doesn't have any electronics, is made entirely of plastic and rubber and is driven only by water pressure from the pool. It costs two times more than a high-end Roomba. It's bonkers."


11."Europe is so overpriced, especially the flights going there is always $4,500+."

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12."College textbooks have always been a gigantic ripoff."


"Yes, required nursing school books are literally $1,200 for the first semester only!!"


13."Childcare — and the price is not necessarily reflective of quality. Many home providers charge like a center to microwave chicken nuggets and park kids in front of a TV; plus, they are caring for their own kids, too, who will always take priority over yours. We toured a few that had dangerous dogs, random shady adult relatives living with them, weren't childproofed, etc. Going to a center there is more regulation, but no matter how much you pay, they will still take the maximum number of kids that the state allows, so it's not like you pay more, you get a lower ratio. We are beyond grateful for our amazing childcare provider; they were tough to find. But most working two-parent families can barely afford childcare, us included, and moms tend to be the ones pushed out of the workforce."

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14."I’m so sick of 'processing fees!' Everywhere encourages you to pre-purchase tickets online, often advertising that it’s cheaper. Then, they add a $2–$4 fee. I truly think it should be illegal to advertise something is cheaper, then add on fees to make it the same price or even more."


15."Crummy health insurance. I'm a nurse, but I had to go to a dermatologist out of network (not realizing that), and my copay was $155!"

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16."I'm mostly mad at all the things that have become subscriptions, and you can't outright own some stuff. $70 a year to have Microsoft Word? No, thank you."


17."I bought lightbulbs on Amazon a week ago for $4.49. I just read that the incandescent ban started. I went back to see if I could order some more — I just like the look better — and now, the same 4-pack is $7.47."

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"I'm waiting for the breathing fee..."


Is there a particular item or service you believe is incredibly overpriced? If so, tell us what it is and why in the comments below.