New Year: People share their wishes, thoughts as they bid adieu to 2021 and welcome 2022

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Sunset at Mumbai's Juhu beach
Sunset at Mumbai's Juhu beach

New Delhi [India], December 31 (ANI): As 2021 witnessed its last sunset of the year on Friday, people from various parts of the country prepared to bid farewell to this year and welcome the next one with new hopes.

Even as anticipation has been high regarding 2022, the sight of the Sun retiring (only to come back in the new year) for the final time in 2021 gave people a reason to share their thoughts.

Tashawar, a local resident of New Delhi visited Humayun's tomb to view the setting sun and told ANI that he hopes for better days and also for prays for the elimination of COVID-19. He said, "I pray that God rids us from this disease and also from poverty."

Swami, another local resident expressed, "May the pollution reduces in the coming new year as it possible to do so." Looking at the sun, he further said, "Children should get a better education and no one should be unemployed this new year."

People gathered at Mumbai's Juhu beach to witness the last sunset of 2021. Jaishree, one of the spectators spoke about the curfew imposed in the city due to rising COVID cases and said, "I feel it's not right to impose this because it's a festive time and we should have been allowed to stay out with instructed precautions."

Thiruvananthapuram's Kolavam beach also had various people and their families who had come to see the sun picturesquely setting into the ocean. Satish, a visitor said, "I have come after three years and the atmosphere is much better now. I am happy to see the people around."

Krishna, a resident of Hyderabad, who was visiting Kolavam for the first time said, "I feel Kolavam is very nice and serene compared to any other similar places. I haven't seen such a clean Arabian beach in the entire Arabian coast." (ANI)

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