Payday 3 Dev Confirms Game Will No Longer Have Denuvo DRM

Payday 3: bank robbers firing guns off-screen.
Payday 3: bank robbers firing guns off-screen.

In a twist perhaps not many people were expecting, the Payday 3 studio has now said that the third entry in the bank heist FPS won’t come bundled with Denuvo.

Perhaps in response to backlash

The news comes just days before the launch of Payday 3. In a post on the game’s Steam page, with a similar message echoed on Twitter, Starbreeze Studios has said Denuvo DRM will no longer be featured.

Nothing more has been said about the matter. However, it stands to reason that this development may have come about due to a negative response from the community.

A report from PC Gamer points to a thread on Reddit in which people expressed their disapproval of the game using Denuvo. Many made it clear they were not happy with Starbreeze/Deep Silver including the software in the new Payday game, given how controversial doing so is.

It wasn’t that long ago that it was noted that Payday 3 would feature Denuvo, so it does seem like the developer/publisher has now backpedaled on this.

Many AAA games these days often turn to third-party software in a bid to protect their intellectual properties. Denuvo is easily one of the most used but is often considered a controversial inclusion.

Many have derided releases that use it, with DRM software often being blamed for poor performance, especially on PC. Some studios even remove it post-launch, suggesting that having it in the first place is either unnecessary or just unpopular.

Now, with Payday 3 releasing on September 21, a lot of fans will be pleased to hear that Denuvo will no longer be present. However, the studio has said it will release a version of the game with and without the software to see whether having DRM does cause performance issues.

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