Paulo Avelino opens up about struggles with depression

Heidi Hsia

7 Nov – Paulo Avelino has recently decided to open up about his dark past, revealing that he once struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts.

On 5 November, the actor shared a series of photos including an image of a stitched wrist and a poster of the suicide prevention and emotional crisis lines, HOPE LINE, saying that it is time for him to talk about his struggles in hopes that it will help those who are facing the same situation.

Avelino wrote, "Years back I found myself in a place where I only saw one way out. I went through a spiraling journey of depression and suicidal thoughts. Where everything seemed like nothing matters anymore. Locked myself at home, turned down almost every job that came in and shut myself off from work, friends, family, the world."

The actor admitted that he has always been an introvert, who was used to keeping his thoughts to himself and didn't know how to voice his feelings. He added that it is important to realise that people who appear okay might be fighting their own demons.

"Please, don't be afraid to reach out to your friends, family, and loved ones. Often times people will brush it off thinking it's nothing to be concerned about or it's a small matter. Don't be scared to voice out what you feel no matter how hard it is. Never lose HOPE. If you aren't ready to open up to the people closest to you, you can also reach out and call Hope Line," he added.