Paulo Avelino may produce "IDILY" sequel

11 Feb – Actor Paulo Avelino is not against the idea of co-producing the sequel to his hit 2017 indie movie, "I'm Drunk, I Love You".

As reported on PEP, the actor, who spoke about the upcoming JP Habac project, titled, "I Love You, I Do", stated that he would probably produce the sequel too, following the first film.

However, Avelino is more tightlipped about the project than director Habac and his co-star Maja Salvador.

"I don't like over-hyping something. I just don't believe in over-hyping something. We'll talk about it when everything's final," he said.

The actor did say that he has been sent the current draft of the script, though have not yet read it.

"We'll see what happens," he said, adding that he is uncertain about the release date.

(Photo Source: ABS CBN)