Paulina Porizkova remembers final moments with Ric Ocasek before his death

Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova

Paulina Porizkova has opened up her final moments with her estranged husband Ric Ocasek.

The Czech-born model found the Cars rocker dead in the New York apartment they once shared last month, and in a new interview with Rolling Stone, she revealed she made the discovery while checking in on him while he was recovering from a recent surgery, but initially thought he was asleep when she peeked into his room.

"I did some chores and then it was 11, and I thought, 'This is weird, there’s something not right about this'. I poured the coffee and came upstairs to give it to him and he was in the exact same position; he hadn’t even moved a little bit," she said. "And at that point, I knew, but I couldn’t believe it. I walked up to him and he still looked asleep. Except he was really, really still and his eyes were a little bit open. I thought he was waking up, actually... I touched his cheek and it was like touching marble. That was pretty f**king awful."

The catwalk beauty, who married the rocker in 1989 and shares two sons with him, recalled that she had brought him cookies the night before and that was the last time they spoke. She also insisted his death was not related to the surgery and was "a f**king shock".

She called Ric's manager, who urged her to hold off calling for emergency services until the family had gathered to say goodbye: "I wanted Ric’s sons to get here so we could all say goodbye to him. So we waited, and we got to circle the bed and hold hands and really say goodbye. We were here with his shape for many hours after his death. It was kind of wonderful because we all understood he was gone. He definitely left us. But the minute I called 911, literally two minutes (later), there were paparazzi at our house. That’s just disgusting."

Porizkova announced last year that they had separated in 2017.

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