Paula Weckerle Starts a New Era: Meet the Hybrid Model With Multiple Careers

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Isn't it surreal to know about all those individuals and professionals across fields who make sure to not just attain success in their careers but also provide value to others through their work in the process? Though there are tons of talented beings in this world, still some of them cross boundaries and make sure to create their unique niche in whatever they choose to lay their hands on. The modelling world saw the rise of one such model and a mesmerizing beauty named Paula Weckerle. However, beyond those lovely eyes and a killer personality, there is much more to this talented lady, who was born in Curitiba, Brazil. Her father is Argentinian, and her mother is German, and she went ahead to make her name in the wide commercial world of New York City, the US.

What has attracted people's attention the most is the fact that Paula Weckerle has created a flourishing career for herself by managing multiple careers and diving deep into niches. She is an outstanding model and now also a psychological guide who helps youngsters and budding professionals in the world of modelling and glamour.

What she emphasizes the most is the attention and importance that young models must give to mental health first and hence, also advises them to avoid stepping foot into the industry at a very early age as they may be more vulnerable to unfavourable times or circumstances of the industry. Adding further, she says that education must be a priority for these young talented beings before they decide to be a part of the industry.

Having worked for quite a few years, Paula Weckerle has first-hand experience of how the industry really works and what an individual may experience in the process, which can be very challenging at times. During such times, they must hold their ground and ignore the negative voices that may try to bog them down; instead, they must remember the reason why they first started it and decided to be a part of the industry. This may help them keep moving their way and ultimately reach their definition of success.

Also, Paula Weckerle advises youngsters that they must enter the industry well-prepared and continuously hone their skills and work upon themselves to create their special place in the ever-evolving and competitive space. She confesses that she loves to guide people and believes in psychology, which plays a huge role in a person's decisions and choices in life.

Right now, she is looking to validate her diploma and become a certified psychologist or a therapist across America. She also wants to help people with addiction management and make a difference in their lives.

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