Paul McCartney releases collection of cashmere sweaters

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney has teamed up with sweater brand Lingua Franca to create a line of limited-edition cashmere jumpers.

The Beatles legend, whose daughter is fashion designer Stella McCartney, was hands-on throughout the design process for his collection of luxury sweaters, which are embroidered with slogans such as 'People Want Peace' and 'Do It Now' - references to two songs from his 2018 album Egypt Station.

Lingua Franca founder Rachelle Hruska MacPherson told Billboard that she was blown away after his team approached her with the idea of a collaboration, and found the music icon's personal involvement really exciting.

"He was really involved in the process, which was so beyond cool. Paul's team asked if it would be possible to get a selection of designs mocked up. They had some potential slogans from Paul's recent album. We showed them 15 mockups, and Paul picked six. We really trusted Paul's judgement on colour combinations," she explained. "The fact that Paul was picking all the colours was exciting."

Longtime Beatles fan MacPherson felt that the partnership with McCartney made sense because of their shared love for sustainability - a movement also championed by the musician's daughter Stella.

"His music transcends generations. We're trying to build around this concept of connecting people. Also, I think our sustainability and our handmade quality really spoke to him," she shared.

The limited-edition cashmere sweaters are available online for $400 (£310) each in McCartney's official merchandise shop.

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