Patty Yap clarifies designer's issue with Kim Chiu's dress

14 Jun – Kim Chiu's stylist Patty Yap has recently released a statement to clarify the previous misunderstanding that occurred between her camp and designer John Herrera, Push reported.

The issue sparked earlier when Herrera claimed that he was approached by the organisers of FAMAS to design the outfits for the hosts of the event held on 10 June, but was told by a FAMAS rep later on that Chiu will only wear it if she wants to.

Herrera, who was apparently insulted by it, stated that he then decided to back out and sell the dress instead to anybody who would value it.

In response to the allegation, Yap said that her camp did not commission any dress from Herrera and that the arrangements must have been made by FAMAS, and thus the miscommunications must have happened between the two parties.

"[...] It was absolutely okay with Kim to wear his creation, but it was John who backed out, as mentioned on his last message," she added.

"Kim is totally unaware of this; all she knows is there's a gown from John. As Kim's stylist for three years now, I can wholeheartedly say that never once did Kim exhibit any negative attitude as to what to wear or not during an event. I understand John's dismay, and we have so much respect for him, but I hope this clarifies the matter. Thank you."

(Photo Source: Kim Chiu Instagram)