Passenger handed shocking note while going through airport security

An airport security worker in New York has been fired for handing a passenger a handwritten note with an insult about his appearance.

The June incident came to light this week after passenger Neal Strassner obtained security video through a public records request and posted it to his YouTube account.

The video from Greater Rochester International Airport shows the female security worker handing Mr Strassner the note after he passes through a metal detector.

Mr Strassner says he didn’t think much of it and continued toward his gate.

The video from Rochester Airport shows the security worker handing Neal Strassner the note. Source: YouTube/Capnskull

That’s when he said the woman yelled out, “You gonna open the note?”

Mr Strassner said that once he did the woman burst out laughing.

The note was written on a ripped up piece of cardboard box and read ,“You Ugly!!!”

After complaining to her supervisors, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said the woman worked for a contractor.

The note that was handed to Neil Strassner read "You Ugly!!!" and was written from torn up pieces of a glove box. Credit: YouTube/Capnskull

She has since been let go from her position and the contractor said they had “zero tolerance for this type of behaviour”.

At the time of publication over 47,000 people had watched the video on Mr Strassner’s Youtube account.

Most people commented on how childish the act was.

“She is very immature, definitely not fit for the job of security at the airport,” one person wrote.

After the security worker handed the note to Neil Strassner, she then appears to then rip cardboard from a glove box and write another note. Credit: YouTube/Capnskull

Several people pointed out that it didn’t seem like Mr Strassner received the only distasteful note.

“After he leaves, it looks like she was about to write another note to give to another person,” one said.

One person suggested the woman must have been working through some issues to write such a mean note.

“She's obviously having some inner hate to spread hate,” they wrote.

The overwhelming response was that the woman being fired was the correct way to handle the incident.

“Very unprofessional. Well, she got what she deserved,” a person commented.

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