Part 6: True Singapore ghost stories, really

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We’ve come to the final in a series of real-life ghost stories from Grandmaster Chew, the owner of a geomancy consultancy shop located in Katong Shopping Centre. Having problems of your own? Consider the supernatural side of it with these stories!

Naming un-convention

Mrs Fang owns a successful beauty business. She has an intelligent toddler who could name 150 countries when she was just two years old. However, as she grew older, she would yell at the window in her room and claimed that there were monsters. Sometimes she talked to herself at home and told Mrs Fang that she spoke to an old gentleman.

Terrified, Mr Fang took their daughter to see psychologists and visited some famous masters who practices geomancy, but nothing helped. After many detours, a friend introduced them to Grandmaster Chew Hon Chin.

He peered into her life with his celestial eyes and asked, “Did you find other people to name your daughter?”

Mrs Fang nodded, “Yes. A famous feng-shui master named her!”

The Grandmaster smiled and explained because the parents didn’t name her, her name didn’t match her life. She also offended the land god, so her ancestors didn’t recognise her and didn’t give her blessings. All these caused her bizarre behaviours which gave Mr. Fang many troubles.

The Grandmaster added, “To change the situation, you have to perform the rituals on your daughter’s behalf and to tell your ancestors your daughter’s name. Then you’ll have to pacify the land god.”

Chinese deity shrine at home.
Chinese deity shrine at home.

After this, her daughter has no longer talked to herself or saw anything odd. Mrs Fang appreciated the help of the Grandmaster. Therefore, she went back often to worship the gods and became a loyal client of the Ghostbusters of Jade Emperor.

Ghost in the shell

Mr Ho was a glazier, who had been working all his life with minimal reward. He turned to religion and worshipped the idols of Lord Guan, Tua Peh Kong and Guan-Yin at home, he still suffered from no income, with mounting bills to pay.

When he consulted Grandmaster Chew in his Ghostbusters’ shop, Grandmaster Chew replied, “Why do you have a hole in your living room, and it’s filled with shells? You also put the altar for gods in the wrong side, and there are ants on the statue of Tua Peh Kong.” Mr. Ho was surprised by how the Grandmaster knew these things.

Without hesitation, he invited the Grandmaster to practice geomancy in his home. When the Grandmaster stepped inside their house, Mrs Ho wasn’t happy. Grandmaster Chew glanced at her and reminded her that she hasn’t clean her ancestor’s graves for, and was met with silence. He later pointed out, “The way you arranged the statues are not in order. If you want, you keep either Lord Guan or Tua Peh Kong.”

Mr Ho could not decide, so he stalled as long as he could. One day, the mirror fell without any reasons. Mr Ho knew something went wrong, so he consulted Grandmaster Chew again. He explained that the gods seized the positions again, so he recommended him to keep Tua Peh Kong.

Traditional ritual offerings to deity.
Traditional ritual offerings to deity.

Moving forward, Mr Ho started his own business, and his career thrived. Now he drove a fancy car. Recently, he expressed his endless gratitude to Grandmaster Chew by financing and helping with the events held by the shop.

Master Chew and his award from World Chinese Venture Model Association.
Master Chew and his award from World Chinese Venture Model Association.

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