Part 4: True Singapore ghost stories, really

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There’ll never be a lack of supernatural stories as long as “Ghostbuster”, a geomancy consultancy shop located in Katong Shopping Centre is around. We continue hearing from Grandmaster Chew and his disciples about the interesting stories they encounter as part of their job.

Grandmaster Chew at Ghostbuster.
Grandmaster Chew at Ghostbuster.

Fight for supremacy

A few months ago, the owner of an automobile workshop, Mr Lim, approached Grandmaster Chew at his shop. Mr Lim is a Malaysian who had worked in Singapore for about 20 years. Having started off as an apprentice, he moved up the ranks to own his current workshop. Business was good initially but after he installed a new altar on recommendation from another fengshui master, business started declining drastically. Clients stopped making payments to his company, which quickly landed itself in the red, when it previously was a profitable outfit.

Out of exasperation, Mr. Lim approached Grand Master Chew for help through a friend’s recommendation.

Mr. Lim had barely sat down in the shop when Grand Master Chew asked, “Do you have an altar at home with Tua Pek Kong?”

Mr Lim was startled, “How could you have known this when you’ve never been to my house?” Grandmaster Chew continued, “The previous master did not do a good job. I can tell that the seat for Tua Pek Kong is too high.”

“This explains the drastic decline in your business and why it hasn’t been profitable for the past few years.”

Awestruck by Grandmaster Chew’s uncanny ability, he decided to get the Ghostbusters to alter the fengshui in his house and to reposition the altar. Grandmaster Chew entrusted this task to Master Chew Teck Fatt and his disciple Master Calvin Chong.

Lighting up joss sticks
Lighting up joss sticks

A week later, Grand Master Chew received good news from Mr. Lim. The clients who had owed him money had began to contact him to arrange for repayments, while his business started to improve again. He also made a windfall. Having witnessed the amazing results, he started believing in Grand Master Chew’s philosophy, that it is possible to change your fate and improve your life.

A visitor from afar

A customer walked into Ghostbuster in late 2017. He was a businessman from Kuwait and had heard about Grandmaster Chew from the internet. He decided to seek consultation with Grandmaster Chew to understand why his pet shop have been facing so many problems lately and why business has been declining rapidly.

As he sat down in the shop, Grandmaster started to draw his shop’s layout for him. He then said, “You have a shop, inside the shop, there is a television located near the entrance and a window at the back of the shop. At the back near the window, you have a fish tank. Is that correct?”

Upon hearing these, the client was shocked. The shop was located in Kuwait and everything was as what Grandmaster had described. How could he have known? He humbly sorted advices on dealing with the obstacles he’s facing with his shop, to which Grandmaster replied, “There is a spirit of a dark long-haired lady standing at the entrance of your shop.”

Wandering spirits in the dark.
Wandering spirits in the dark.

“This spirit causes discomfort to those who enter the shop and that is why your business have so many obstacles!” Upon hearing this, the client then consulted Grandmaster on what to do for his business, to which Grandmaster advised him the rituals to be done and what to do upon his return to Kuwait.

Three weeks later, the same client called and express his gratitude for Grandmaster’s advice. His business is now improving and for the first time in many months he even managed to turn in a profit!

This content was produced in partnership with Ghostbuster.

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