Part 2: True Singapore ghost stories, really

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From Part 1 of this ghostly series, we continue with more legit ghostly tales, straight from the mouth of Grandmaster Chew, a “ghostbuster” and owner of “Ghostbuster”, a geomancy consultancy shop located in Katong Shopping Centre.

Grandmaster at Ghostbuster.
Grandmaster at Ghostbuster.

This time, people seek love and salvation from unfriendly outside influences.

In the luck for love

Mrs Peng is a successful businesswoman who lives in an apartment with her daughter. Both mother and daughter are pretty, with great personalities to boot, yet they did not have any luck in the romance department.

After her divorce, Mrs Peng was not able to find a new life partner. She was also worried for her daughter who was of marriageable age, but had yet to hold down a long-lasting relationship. Their relatives suggested the help of Grandmaster Chew.

Mrs Peng’s suspicions were confirmed by Grandmaster Chew. He highlighted Mrs Peng’s rocky marriage and the streak of bad love relationships the pair will encounter in their lives. Her main concern was for her daughter, so Mrs Peng asked if this bad luck is passed on from generation to generation.

Little brother from the beyond.
Little brother from the beyond.

With his celestial eyes, Grandmaster Chew informed that Mrs Peng’s father had a little brother who passed away before he had his own family, so he lingers to set obstacles for Mrs Peng and her daughter, influencing the bad romantic relationships in their lives. Grandmaster Chew, therefore, suggested performing precise rituals to deal with this situation properly.

Shortly after the rituals, her daughter found a good boyfriend, and right now, they are preparing for a most joyous occasion, a wedding. An ecstatic Mrs. Peng was even surprised to encounter some suitors herself, and is in the midst of finding her own happiness.

Trouble follows you home

The Zhangs was a happy family unit until two years ago, when their daughter started experiencing unknown headaches and with a frail respiratory system. At school, she faced bullies and was not on good terms with her peers.

When Mr Zhang learned of Grandmaster Chew, he brought his daughter to ask for his help. The first thing Grandmaster Chew said as he laid eyes on Mr Zhang’s daughter was that she likes outdoor activities. Young Miss Zhang remained silent, surprised.

He followed up by saying that it’s true that his daughter loved to climb mountains and go camping, and Grandmaster Chew replied, “Your daughter didn’t come home alone.”

A while ago, Miss Zhang went to Indonesia to go climbing and unwittingly offended a female ghost. Grandmaster Chew revealed that the female ghost was so offended by her daughters and her friends that it began following her around, affecting her health and fortune.

To help, Grandmaster Chew performed the rituals to send the offensive female ghost away. With that done, young Miss Zhang’s health improved, as well as her relationship with peers.

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