Park Hee Soon to Star in ‘VIP’

[by Yanchingsally Chu] Park Hee Soon joins the cast of movie ‘VIP’.

On August 18, his agency Kingkong Entertainment unveiled, “Park Hee Soon is confirmed to join the cast of ‘VIP’. The actor has been actively working in the film industry. Please stay tuned and show your support to him.”

‘VIP’ is about a series of murders happened around the world committed by the son of high-ranking official in North Korea. It is directed by Park Hoon Jung who directed the movies ‘New World’ and ‘The Tiger’.

Park Hee Soon has already proved his acting skills through movies such as ‘Seven Days’ and ‘The Client’ and dramas such as ‘Missing Noir M’. It is said that he will show a different side of him through ‘VIP’, arousing curiosity of the mass public.

Meanwhile, ‘Detour’ which is another movie played by Park Hee Soon will be aired on August 25. (photo by Kingkong Entertainment)

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