Paris Hilton will never stop wearing Juicy Couture tracksuits

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton plans to wear Juicy Couture tracksuits for the rest of her life.

The TV personality was one of the major trendsetters of the early 2000s, and when she was not hitting the nightclubs in skimpy party dresses, was often seen sporting velour tracksuit sets from California-based label.

Yet, Paris has never grown tired of wearing tracksuits when off-duty, and in a video for, she insisted the designs are timeless.

“It makes me proud to have had such an impact on fashion history. When people think back on 2000s fashion, the first thing they’re gonna think about is Juicy Couture,” she said. “I’ve never stopped wearing it, and I never will, because I’m a Juicy girl for life.”

Paris went on to explain that she has always appreciated the versatility of the colourful tracksuits and has been known to wear them everywhere from the airport to dinner.

“Before there was Juicy, I think tracksuits were very sporty and athletic. But they were the first ones to actually make a tracksuit cool. Still today, they have that huge impact in fashion where people are trying to imitate what they did. It’s amazing now to see so many of these looks that I wore are now on the runway and people are rocking them all the time,” the 38-year-old commented.

Elsewhere in the clip, Paris also noted that she was happy to have supported the growth of a woman-led brand, as Juicy Couture was founded by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor in 1997.

“I heard a story that Pam and Gela started Juicy Couture with $200 and then turned that around into a billion-dollar company. That is a total girl boss move. Loves it,” she smiled.

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