The parents’ guide on how to use Pinterest to get inspiration

Becoming parents is undoubtedly a joyous moment and along with it comes the wonderful yet challenging responsibility of parenting. From toddler days to teenage years, every phase brings a new set of challenges. Among the gamut of social media networks, Pinterest has found immense popularity with new-age mums and dads, to provide parenting information. If you haven’t used it so far, let’s find out how to use Pinterest to resolve your parenting woes. 

Pinterest is a social media platform with an interactive pin board that can be used for sharing photos, videos, animations, internet links etc. You can create collections of pin boards with your own photos or also re-pin from other users and share it over social media as well. With over 291 million Pinterest users worldwide, you can find tons of interesting pins on a number of topics. 

How to use Pinterest for Parenting Tips 

how to use pinterest

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Here are few of the multitude of topics available on Pinterest that are useful for parents.

Preparation for Newborn 

how to use pinterest

If you are trying to figure out what all you’ll need for your little one, you can easily refer to pins on a shopping list for babies. Get ideas to decorate your newborn’s room, check out crib and pram suggestions, refer to do’s and don’ts of keeping the house kid-friendly, etc. Having things handy and organised makes it a lot easier to manage a new-born.   


Most kids are a powerhouse of energy and keeping them engaged is a daunting task for parents. If you are running out of creative ideas to get your little one to be safe and away from digital media as well, learning how to use Pinterest can work to your benefit. You can try out umpteen number of DIY craft ideas to get your little ones busy and encourage their creativity as well. 

Mealtime Battles

how to use pinterest

If you’ve been struggling with getting your child to eat, then looking up meal ideas for picky eaters can provide you some relief. Get a host of tips to make mealtimes more fun than a battleground. Learn tricks to disguise fruits and veggies in a manner that your little one will find hard to refuse. 

Temper Tantrums 

Dealing with their child’s temper tantrums is an uphill task for many parents. Check out advice shared by other parents about the best ways to manage temper tantrums. Learn skills to calm your little one and let peace prevail! 

Planning vacations 

how to use pinterest

If you are worked up over where to plan the next vacation with your kids, looking up Pinterest can give you innumerable destinations. Check out kid-friendly places, places with loads of activities and budget places as well. Use information shared by millions of Pinterest users to plan a delightful vacation with your kids. 

Dressing Up

how to use pinterest

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Whether it’s a fancy dress or a Halloween party, getting your child dressed up for an event is more work for parents. Parents can look up Pinterest for a whole lot of ideas and information, saving them quite a bit of time and effort. 


While there is a whole lot of information available on the internet, it helps to find quick and easy ways to get the right information. Using Pinterest can help you do just that. Parenting is undoubtedly a tough job but with the right resources you can make it an enjoyable one as well. 

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