Papilla Haircare will turn your lacklustre locks into celebrity-worthy tresses

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Luscious locks fit for the big screen are now a cinch with the most advanced scalp treatments and products at Papilla Haircare.

“Maximum results with minimum effort,” says Kim Lim of the brand ethos of Papilla Haircare, which she founded to offer a full suite of science-based hair loss and scalp treatment services to busy glamazons like herself. Always under the spotlight, the jet-setting entrepreneur and celebrity would no doubt require the most effective and fuss-free yet indulgent solutions to maintain that enviable head of hair she wears.

This commitment runs throughout the treatments and products at Papilla Haircare, which has since expanded from its Ngee Ann City flagship to NEX in Serangoon and I12 Katong. “We only bring in machines and products that work super hard for your scalp, and I will also personally try them out to ensure that they really work before we launch them to consumers,” adds Lim.

No Compromises

Indeed, even celebrities and KOLs the likes of actor Lawrence Wong have become loyal fans of Papilla Haircare for its hair thickening and hair growth offerings. A signature treatment he swears by is the luxurious Papilla 3-Step Signature Scalp Treatment, which combines three clinical-grade devices to restore and revitalise the scalp.

A Detox Hair Mask is first used to slough off dead skin and eliminate product build-up, in tandem with the in-house DNA Activator device that thoroughly cleanses the scalp and boosts blood circulation through iontophoresis technology. After a relaxing scalp massage and hair wash, the RF Regenultra machine is deployed to deliver tiny radiofrequency energy pulses, via micro-channels, into your scalp to stimulate fibroblast growth and induce healing. Next up, Papilla Haircare’s exclusive, nutrient-rich hair growth solution is infused into the scalp’s deepest layer using the S.E.P Activator, which features FDA-approved scalp-electroporation technology that is up to 17 times more effective than topical application. Sealing in all the goodness and prolonging results is the last step, the Lux LLLT Scalp Treatment, a therapy in which LED light intensity is adjusted based on your scalp condition.

Just take it from Wong on how the treatment has kept his mane in fine form despite his hectic schedule. “Not only does this deep cleanse my scalp and make my hair grow thicker, but it also boosts my overall scalp heath. Moreover, the machines used during the treatments are non-invasive, so I’m not concerned with downtime. The scalp specialists at Papilla Haircare have superb massage techniques, but it’s the machines used during the treatments that sets Papilla Haircare apart. You can feel the machine stimulating your scalp, and that’s how I know they are effective.”

Papilla Haircare’s latest offering that has already become a firm favourite is the Micro-Pulse Hybrid Scalp Treatment, which requires no downtime. It features a high-tech mesotherapy and electroporation device with a microcrystal-encrusted tip used to create a transdermal duo-delivery system. The procedure opens up microchannels in the scalp and delivers high-quality ingredients deep within.

Of course, with home maintenance being part of Papilla Haircare’s holistic philosophy, only the best products are designed to complement the centre’s treatments. Entrust your personal routine to the Hair Rewind Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, which cleanses while repairing and strengthening dry, brittle and damaged hair strands without stripping off natural oils and moisture. Those who are greying will get an instant nourishing boost from the Hair Rewind Anti-Greying Conditioner Mask, which restores and reconstructs hair while recalibrating natural oil and moisture balance. Style mavens with bleached or colour-treated tresses may look to the Colour Protect collection for superior maintenance.

Culture of Excellence

With Papilla Haircare’s complete and efficacious range of innovative scalp services, it’s little wonder that the brand has gained such renown as a Centre of Excellence since its 2019 launch. Treatments and products are personally tested and endorsed by no less than Kim Lim, who spares no effort in consulting with top dermatologists and scalp specialists from South Korea to come up with Papilla-exclusive treatment protocols and proprietary key ingredients.

Service quality is equally rigorous and standards-setting – the centre’s scalp specialists come with years of knowledge and experience, and are sent for regular training in South Korea to update their skills and techniques. Every customer can expect a precise, results-driven treatment plan formulated for their individual concerns.

With 5,000 customers and counting, Papilla Haircare’s popularity is quite the coup in this highly competitive market. Its head of operation and education Allan Tang ascribes its success to the fact that the centre gives consumers exactly what they want: “something that works in the shortest given period”. He explains, “We can help them achieve their desired results efficiently, and that’s why they trust us. After we have successfully helped these customers tackle their scalp and hair loss issues, a lot of them return for regular maintenance, and recommend us to their friends.”

For a healthy scalp and camera-worthy hair, visit Papilla Haircare’s website or visit its Ngee Ann City, NEX or I12 Katong outlet to book a consultation.

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