Pang Ho Cheung failed to get new project approved

5 Nov– Rumour has it that Hong Kong director Pang Ho Cheung has yet to receive an approval to begin filming his new project - another adaptation of Jin Yong's "The Duke of Mount Deer".

As reported on Epoch Times, the director, who announced the project on Facebook early this year and again at the Berlin Film Festival, reportedly planned to make it his most ambitious film to-date, with a production cost of up to HKD 1.95 billion.

However, the crew has yet to start filming despite more than half a year has passed since the announcement.

According to sources, the director has already completed the script and applied for approval as early as half a year ago, but failed to get it passed due to the sensitive nature of its subject matter.

After several modifications, it was alleged that the project has yet to receive any answer from related authority.

Some suggested that China is becoming stricter when it comes to the subject matters in films and television works. Coupled with the substantial increase in taxes, film investment has become a high-risk business and many companies are worried about losing money. Hence, there has been a drastic reduction in production this year, with the Chinese film and TV industry entering what is now called "a cold winter".

On the other hand, the news seemed to have turned Pang into a subject of mockery by the supporters of Hong Kong independence movement, who blasted the director earlier for joining the "I am the Flag-Bearer" movement against the Hong Kong anti-extradition protest.

One netizen commented, "I thought that by announcing you're a flag-bearer, you would be able to shoot your movie by now."

(Photo Source: HK01)