How the pandemic has boosted US Snapchat users' love of the movies

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According to Snapchat insights, US users of the app are more excited about getting back to movie theaters than bars and restaurants when the pandemic subsides.

Snapchatters are missing the movies! In fact, users in the US are already planning to head back to theaters more often than before covid-19, according to a report from the social network. So has the pandemic helped boost young people's love of the movies?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so the saying goes. The global pandemic has been a testing time for the movie business. And yet, according to a survey carried out by Snapchat in December 2020, users of the social network in the US are keen to get back to theaters -- more keen than before the pandemic. In fact, 81% say they'll watch movies in theaters "as much or more often" than before covid-19, when things get back to "normal," especially since theaters in the US are slowly starting to reopen, on a state by state basis. Before the pandemic, 74% of the social network's US users were active moviegoers, according to the Snapchat insights.

Missing movies more than restaurants

Among the "forbidden" activities of covid times, going to the movies seems to have been something that people in the US have particularly missed. Among several choices offered, US Snapchat users put "go to a movie theater" at the top of the list of things they were most excited about doing when the pandemic has passed. "Spend time outdoors" and "go to bars/restaurants" were ranked second and third. "Although covid-19 drastically accelerated the shift to digital entertainment, Snapchatters have remained avid, engaged fans of going to the movies," the report explains.

An ideal platform for promoting films

According to the NRG "Future of Film" study, Snapchat users are 1.7x more likely to see a movie on premiere weekend, compared to non-Snapchatters, the report outlines.

For Snapchat, this makes the platform's users "a prime audience -- and prime targets! -- for driving opening-weekend box-office sales and celebrating their favorite new movies with friends."

Plus, according to the research, most Snapchat users hear about movies they watch in theaters weeks before going to watch them. "For studio advertisers, Snapchat represents a unique opportunity to reach this high-value audience of moviegoers with cinematic content across Snapchat."

And the social network has definitely tuned in to this growing interest, since it's now possible for users in the US to buy movie tickets directly in the application.

Sabrina Alili