Pan Lingling apologises to Julie Tan after public blowout from Hong Huifang

(PHOTO: Hong Huifang/Instagram, Julie Tan/Facebook, Pan Ling Ling/Instagram)
(PHOTO: Hong Huifang/Instagram, Julie Tan/Facebook, Pan Ling Ling/Instagram)

Channel 8 actress Pan Lingling has apologised to local actress Julie Tan and her family after Tan’s mother, Doris Khaw, threatened legal action against Pan for casting aspersions on her daughter.

Pan allegedly told Tan’s rumoured boyfriend Calvert Tay, the 18-year-old son of fellow actress Hong Huifang, to get vaccinated against STDs because of Tan’s multiple past relationships, according to Hong in an angry rant that she texted to at least 50 friends.

In the aftermath of the blowout from Hong, 58, in which she said she was cutting off ties with Pan, 49, Khaw demanded a public apology from Pan for slandering 25-year-old Tan.

In a phone interview with entertainment news site Toggle, Pan said that she never wished to “harm any person or family, including Julie’s parents” with her words.

“I am friends with her mother and I don’t wish for her to have any misunderstandings with me, so this is the most basic thing I can do as a friend,” she said, adding that she did not expect the situation to blow up.

Julie Tan with her mother Doris Khaw. (PHOTO: Julie Tan/Facebook)
Julie Tan with her mother Doris Khaw. (PHOTO: Julie Tan/Facebook)

Pan also told Toggle that she has not been in touch with Hong since she received the text messages from her, and is “not in the mood” to read the recent reports of the fallout between the two.

Hong had sent a text message to mutual friends in showbiz a few days ago – addressed to Pan – about the hurtful things Pan had allegedly said and done towards her family in the past.

“I didn’t expect that she’d be so angry,” Pan told Toggle. “I hope people who know what I’m like know that I am not picking on anybody.”

Pan said she would “let nature take its course”, adding that “Hong Huifang will be my senior (in the industry) for life”.

Pan also added that she did not share any details of the fallout with her husband and two sons as she does not want them to get involved.

“This is a personal matter between me and Hui Fang, my husband only learned about it from the papers too,” she said.

Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore has reached out to Khaw and Hong for comment.

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