Pamela Anderson criticised for wearing Native American headdress for Halloween

Megan Johnson

Pamela Anderson, 52, is under fire after posting risqué photos of herself wearing a Native American headdress in honour of Halloween.

The Canadian actress and animal rights activist who rose to fame for her role as a lifeguard on the series Baywatch, took to Twitter like many other celebrities to post photos of herself in her Halloween costume.

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In the first photo, the 51-year-old sports a pair of high-waisted underwear, and appears to be drenched in white paint as she holds up a Native American headdress in her lefthand. In the second photo, the topless actress looks over her shoulder at the camera as she sports the oversized headdress.

“Happy Halloween,” she wrote, alongside a ghost emoji.

Anderson’s costume didn’t go over well with folks on social media, with several followers calling out her costume.

Several users even claimed they were blocked by Anderson when they challenged her on her costume.

While Anderson didn’t make any public comments about the situation, she did make her feelings about the criticism known when she tweeted out an article from Law Library titled “The Illogic of Cultural Appropriation.”

Anderson was in the headlines just a couple days ago when she wrote an open letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau requesting that he serve inmates vegan meals.

“Since my days on Baywatch, I have focused much of my international advocacy work on animal protection and the environment,” Anderson wrote.

“I recently moved back to Canada, and I have a suggestion that would save Canadian taxpayers money and improve the health of tens of thousands of people: Please switch to serving nutritious vegan meals in correctional facilities.”

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