Paloma Elsesser pleased she waited to undergo breast reduction

Paloma Elsesser

Paloma Elsesser is pleased she waited a few years before finally deciding to undergo a breast reduction.

The curvy model was discovered on Instagram by make-up artist Pat McGrath and has since gone on to pose for the likes of Nike, Fenty Beauty, and U.S. Vogue.

But in an interview with Ashley Graham for her Pretty Big Deal podcast, Paloma shared how she has long felt insecure about her breasts, and is thrilled with the results following a recent reduction procedure.

"I got a very minor breast reduction but (also a breast) lift - I reduced one (breast). It was a very crazy experience. Mainly they were (saggy) and had some severe asymmetry. I kind of developed breasts really early, and not to say that I've been extremely thin, but I've fluctuated a lot in my life, as a lot of us have. I would make leaps and bounds about other parts of my body... (but) this was the one part of my body that I still felt shame around," the 27-year-old explained. "I'm happy I didn't do them when I had first gotten my first cheque. Because at first, I was like, 'I'm going to do it!' but I still felt it would have been a reaction or reflection of how men received me or how the industry received me. So, I'm happy I did it now, at 27, when I've (been in) a committed loving, holistic, honest relationship for almost five years. (My boyfriend) loves me unchanged."

Paloma concluded by noting that her career has not been impacted by the surgery, but she does feel much freer.

"I wanted to be able to move in the world and not go to work with three different bras and have to tape my boobs up every day," she smiled. "It's never perfect, but I definitely feel grateful it's not something that dictates how I feel every day."

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