Pakho Chau too busy to have kids

7 Feb – Although he is entering year two of his marriage, Hong Kong singer Pakho Chau stated that he is still too busy to plan for a baby with wife, Stephanie.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who appeared in TVB City to record an entertainment show recently, told the media that when it comes to having children, he has "the ability but not the time".

Pakho continued, "I haven't driven my minivan for a while now because I have been too busy, and now the battery is dead. I don't even have time to take care of my vehicle, how am I going to take care of another human being?"

However, the singer stated that he does learn from other friends who have children in preparation for a future baby.

On the other hand, when mentioned that Gillian Chung is now engaged to be married, Pakho, who worked with the star in "77 Heartbreaks", stated that it is a good thing to find your own partner in life and that he is happy for her.

(Photo Source: Pakho Chau Instagram)