Pakho Chau saPys daughter brings him good fortune

24 Jan – Pakho Chau is convinced that his great fortune in 2019 was brought in by the birth of his daughter.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who won two more accolades at the RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Song Awards recently, reiterated his previous statement about his baby girl at the JSG Awards to the media at the celebratory dinner held by his record label Voice Entertainment.

When asked if he would reward his baby girl for the good luck she brought to him, he enthused, "Yes! I have opened an email account for her. I send her pictures and write her messages every day. When she is older, I will give her the password so that she can see what her parents wrote to her, how proud they were of her."

Speaking about his previous JSG Awards victory, Pakho stated that he has never imagined that he would one day win the title of the Most Popular Male Singer.

"I am very flattered. I will treat my colleagues to dinner later," he added.

Pakho won Excellent Popular Singer award, as well as the Top Ten Gold Song for "Peace for Young and Old" from the RTHK music awards.

(Photo Source: Pakho Chau Instagram)