Pakho Chau clarifies political stance

Heidi Hsia
·2-min read

24 Dec – Pakho Chau recently addressed ongoing allegations about his political stance, saying that he will always be Chinese, first and foremost.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who sat down for an interview recently, clarified his recent post praising China's pandemic response that has enraged pro-independence supporters, saying that he was honest in his praise that he was proud of how the country has been doing well for the past ten years.

"My opinion is this, my grandparents came from the mainland. I am Chinese. This is just me expressing my feelings, but somehow it arouses a big reaction. This is a free society. I can express my feelings. As an artiste, I just want to sing good songs and bring entertainment to the audience," he said.

As to allegations that he was being ambiguous about his stance so not to lose fans as he had taken a photo with Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong in the past, Pakho stressed that he disagrees with the said activist's approach and philosophy.

"I am totally opposed to violent behaviour and I worry whenever I see clips of people beating people around, destroying other people's livelihood and property. This kind of thing is illegal and I cannot agree with that," he said.

As for the said photo of him and Joshua, Pakho said that it was taken backstage at his 2014 concert.

"It's a concert culture for people to come backstage with friends of friends, which is chaotic. Many people would be lining up, colleagues arranging to take pictures one after another. I don't know him. Someone asked me to take a photo. I am not the kind of person who will not take a photo with someone because of who they are. In 2014, I honestly can say that I didn't know him," he said.

However, Pakho's latest response has sparked more reactions from netizens, with many claiming that they will boycott his clothing brand and unfollow him online, while others express support for the singer's stance of working together through difficult times.

(Photo Source: Pakho Chau Instagram)