Pakho Chau admits being rejected by wife in the past

30 Dec – Although the thought of someone rejecting Pakho Chau would sound ridiculous after watching his performance in TVB's "Wonder Women", the singer recently revealed that he was actually rejected by his own wife the first time he approached her.

The singer, who sat down for an interview with Mingpao recently, revealed that he fell in love with his wife Stephanie at first sight when he met her at a store more than ten years ago.

"I remember meeting her for the first time and trying to approach her in hopes that I could get to know her more. But she didn't even as much as glance at me," he said.

Pakho stated that he didn't give up easily and took the initiative to "find" her again.

"We met again on social media. I was still a model at the time. I told her that I have done a few commercials and that many people recognised me. But she said that she didn't know me at all. Whenever we reminisced about it nowadays, we still think it's funny," he said.

The couple then quietly started their relationship, which lasted a decade before the two decided to tie the knot.

As to why they held their wedding in secret, Pakho stated that he didn't want his wife's life to get affected by his showbiz career.

"She doesn't want to be famous. She just wants to be a normal housewife, not a celebrity wife," he said.

(Photo source: Pakho Chau Instagram)