How to paint Ukrainian-style Easter Eggs in just minutes - video tutorial

Painted Easter Eggs are one of Ukraine's most time-honored traditions
Painted Easter Eggs are one of Ukraine's most time-honored traditions

Do you want to have Ukrainian-style dyed Easter eggs but don't have the time or tools to make them the traditional way?

NV has some tips and tricks that will allow you to have brightly painted eggs on your holiday table in just minutes.

No Ukrainian Easter table is the same without paska (Easter bread), pastries and, of course, Ukrainian Easter eggs (known as pysanky in Ukrainian).

Decorating Easter eggs is a time-honored tradition in Ukraine that dates back to the pre-Christian pagan days.

Here are some tips for taking this creative, ancient tradition into the fast, modern world.

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How to paint eggs quickly and in an original way

The simplest solution for the laziest holidaymakers is to simply use brown eggs.

The rest take their ingenuity in one hand, and on the other - some advice on how to beautifully paint their Easter eggs.

If the onion peel method seems boring or outdated to you, and ready-made stickers are too simple, TikTok bloggers come to the rescue, with some simple tips on how easy it is to paint your eggs.

  1. To paint eggs, you will need different food coloring, small cups, cotton buds or a teaspoon, gloves, and napkins

  2. Hard-boil the eggs and wipe them dry

  3. Dilute the coloring according to the instructions on the package

  4. Place a cotton bud or spoon in each container with the dyes

  5. Take an egg, and wrap it in a napkin moistened with various dyes

  6. When the napkin is completely painted and there is no white spot left on it, you need to firmly press the napkin against the egg so that it sticks tightly to the shell

  7. Do this with every egg, switching up the coloring as you wish

  8. Leave the eggs in napkins until completely dry

  9. Carefully remove the napkins from the eggs

  10. Once the newly painted eggs are ready, you should store them in the refrigerator

Here are a few more life hacks on how to paint eggs quickly.

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