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1. PREP!

The secret to success, in any walk of life, is preparation. When it comes to painting your furniture, this is even more vital! Old furniture items can peel, get dirty and fall prey to damage too, so always start your project by thoroughly cleaning your item with a suitable detergent. Sugar soap is very popular.

Credits: homify / Loaf

How to paint furniture

Shabby chic styling has been popular for a while now, but if you haven't tried your hand at some upcycling and painting yet, that's a great thing as you can benefit from our experience, mistakes and top tips! Interior designers have been quick to promote the idea of giving old furniture items a new lease on life with a lick of paint, but if you worry that you won't get that really professional finish, cast those doubts aside, as we have a foolproof furniture panting technique for you to try. Ready to fill your living room with furniture that you've lovingly upcycled? Then let's begin!