These clever packing cubes will revolutionise your suitcase organisation

These packing cubes will have your suitcase organised in minutes. [Photo: Getty]
These packing cubes will have your suitcase organised in minutes. [Photo: Getty]

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Although going on holiday is an exciting and joyful time, there is one thing that no one looks forward to: packing.

Not only do you have to try and figure out your ensembles depending on the varying weather forecast and activities.

But, you also have to try and fit all of your garments, toiletries and way more shoes than ever needed, into a smaller-than-expected suitcase.

Whether your packing solution up until now has been neatly rolling your ensembles together, or chucking everything in and sitting on the case until it closes - we’ve found something that will make packing less of an art form and more of a doddle.

Enter Packing Cubes: the clever (some would even say, genius) way to organise your suitcase.

While many options are available from brands including John Lewis, Lakeland, Ikea and Antler.

Amazon has created a 4-piece set under its Amazon Basic range that cost only £19.69. Plus, the set has over a thousand reviews, which add up to a rather impressive five-star rating.

Buy it: AmazonBasics Packing Cubes | £19.69

The set includes four different sizes: slim, small, medium and large.

Each pouch is designed to hold different sartorial staples. For example, the small pouch is perfect for your socks and undergarments, whereas the largest bag can contain bulkier items like jackets and jeans.

The fabric containers also help to protect your clothing against wrinkles, reducing the need to track down an iron once you arrive at your final destination.

One customer, who purchased the pouches in 2017 recently updated the review to say: “These cubes are still going strong...have bought loads more since my original purchase too and have been using these to organise my wardrobes! Think I'm becoming addicted to them.”

Meanwhile, other customers have shared their surprise at just how much they can fit inside each cube: “I'm amazed at how much stuff these small ones can hold, you can easily fit 2 weeks worth of clothes into them”.

The reoccurring theme seems to be that once you purchase packing cubes, you’ll never go back.

“How did I ever travel without them?” asks one customer.

Another adds “I actually can't understand how I coped before I converted to Packing Cubism.”

So, if you want to to alleviate the stress of packing, we highly suggest investing in a few packing pouches.

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