Pack it in, Starfield shipbuilders, this Batman-inspired spacecraft is the coolest ever

 Starfield Batman ship
Starfield Batman ship

In some ways, I regret to inform you that the most badass Starfield ship that exists and will ever exist has already been created, and it's this Batman-inspired spacecraft from Reddit user bmikey.

Starfield's ship customization options allow for some incredibly detailed vessels, and since I haven't actually seen every custom ship so far created, and also because this is all entirely subjective, I should clarify that I'm sure there are plenty of other equally cool Starfield ships out there... I just haven't seen one yet. I mean, look at this thing:

I think my favorite thing about this build are the two little slits you can see clearly in the seventh slide just above, making it look like Batman's eyes. However, bmikey takes no credit for this and says it was just a very happy coincidence. "I was moving the camera around and BAM, like yoooo."

bmikey says the creation took several iterations and about 15 hours in all, which actually seems fairly efficient for such a masterpiece. Even more impressive is the fact that, apparently, the interior is mostly functional. "It's pretty clean," bmikey says. "I think 4 total ladders and only one isn’t in the right spot atm." Noting the amount of ladders is apparently a reference to a common complaint from players who think the game does a bad job of placing ladders where you want them.

If you want to try your hand at bmikey's spacefaring Batmobile, you're in luck. The creative shipbuilder says a build guide is "coming soon."

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