What You Should Pack in Your Coronavirus ‘Ready Bag’ When You See a Doctor


We all know about Emergency Ready Bags for when you need to evacuate your home, or hospital bags that expectant mummies pack in preparation for their baby’s birth. Now, there’s also the coronavirus ready bag, or at least, that’s what we’re calling it.

A Reddit user recently shared what one should consider bringing when going to see a doctor, because these days, you can never be sure what might happen.

Gametheorista gave the example of a friend who visited a doctor for what she thought was a regular flu but got whisked off to the A&E to get tested for Covid-19 instead.

During the one-hour wait (alone, outside the clinic) for the ambulance to arrive, the patient’s mum even had to get off work early to bring her essential items like her phone charger and cable, identity card, and a bottle of water. 

What To Include in Your Coronavirus Ready Bag?

Gametheorista’s list of essential items included must-haves like your ID, wallet, phone, phone charger and cables. And also water (“might be hard to get in the emergency room”) as well as the basic virus protection kit of face mask and hand sanitiser. Goggles and gloves too, if you wish to be extra cautious.

One would also prepare for the worst-case scenario by bringing a change of clothes, personal toiletries, other electronic devices you’d need in case you can’t be home for a protracted period of time, snacks and a jacket (“because ERs can get cold”).

Lastly, having a list of medications that you’re taking, and knowing your medical history and allergies would no doubt be helpful.

coronavirus ready bag

Screengrab: Reddit

Of course, there were some disagreements with the rather extensive list, which a commenter said was “overkill”, such as the need to bring electronic devices. But the point is, as Gametheorista replied, you don’t know if you’re going to get a “free hospital stay”.


Screengrab: Reddit

Other users chimed in to suggest additional items they would bring to tide themselves over the wait.


Hair ties and tissues would also be useful in case you are required to go for X-rays or suffer a runny nose after the nose swab test for Covid-19.  But one thing to note is with that many items to bring, one would probably need a duffel bag at least or a backpack to contain everything. 

coronavirus ready bag

In times like these, it’s best to always be prepared, but prevention is better than cure, so to avoid falling ill, we should all try to keep our immunity up by maintaining a healthy diet and having adequate sleep.

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