A.P.C. Has Officially Entered The Skincare Chat

From denim to streetwear to high-fashion, and now skincare? France based clothing brand A.P.C. just launched its first ever six-product bodycare line. The collection dubbed "SELF-CARE" boasts the brand's signature orange blossom scent, which has been showcased in A.P.C.'s products since 1997. In fact, not only is it the star of popular products like its candle n*4, but its the key ingredient in the family recipes made by the founder's mother. As for orange blossom's effects on the skin, it's said to have "stress-relieving properties for the mind and body" due to the essence of neroli, which is produced from the bitter orange flower and infused in each product.

The skin and bodycare line consists of gender-neutral products including a cologne, shower gel, body lotion, hand cream, hand soap and lip balm priced between $20-$85 USD. Staying true to its minimalist roots and focusing on what's essential, the brand opts for minimal and meaningful packaging designed to hold its 98% natural ingredient formulas.

Wellbeing is the true focal point of this new line, as the founder states, "In fashion as in the cosmetics industry, the balance between too much and not enough is difficult to find. It's a real job. These six products are the best possible. They are designed to make you feel good and comfortable and help you have a good day."

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