Ozzin Jun on Teaching People To Start and Grow Their Own Coaching Business Based on Their Passion

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Ozzin Jun is a 22-year-old impact-driven Business Mentor/Coach from Switzerland with a strong marketing and personal development background. She is the founder and CEO of Jun International Coaching (JIC). Her mission is to help coaches and aspiring entrepreneurs turn their passion into a multi-6-figure coaching business using organic attraction marketing. She teaches her clients worldwide how to attract consistent soul clients effortlessly through social media, having suitable systems in place, and all things business. Instead of a standard program and straight-forward knowledge, Ozzin provides her clients a library full of tools and helps them execute in most simple ways. She is a highly passionate entrepreneur who inspires others to put their dreams into action.

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Importance Of Building Foundations

She has devoted her time and investment also into the deeper awareness of people. Ozzin highlights the importance foundations before anything else, such as self-awareness, resolving inner blocks, traumas, mindset, unlocking the ego-box and aligning life purpose to the business purpose. She says: ‘’Success lies in the foundations and in the much deeper-rooted underlying factors in people. All business is simply build up on that.’’

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Your Universal Way - Inspiration Science

Already at a very young age she started to invest heavily into personal development and felt driven to make changes in the social sector happen. With her strong entrepreneurial and creative driven spirit, she has built a thriving career around teaching people to start and grow their own online coaching business based on their passion. What makes her coaching stand out is that she does deep work with people to resolve their inner blocks and limits through natural gifts which she discovered by the age of 14. She turned it into her own concept called ‘’Inspiration Science’’ which is about to activate potential and help people to develop their own science. The concept of her media company @youruniversalway sets a huge foundation in her Business Coaching.

‘’It’s the awakening, activation, energy, and self-healing journey that plays a huge role in business performance. There is no general approach for us all when it comes to healing and living. Only your universal way. We are meant to flow and create our own universal system as we go through life and experience the evolution at fullest. Life itself beyond business. It’s about freedom, fulfillment, and success that everyone must define for themselves.’’

Breaking Out From The Traditional Family Cycle

Growing up in a mid-class poor family, Ozzin saw her family working hard for money their whole life while dealing at the same time with serious health issues. Lots of pressure daily working to survive.’’ We are not meant to survive but thrive in life.’’ She saw many people around her slowly dying and silently suffering because they do the type of work they don’t feel passionate about. People limit themselves through their own beliefs. Seeing all of this daily made her extremely driven to break out from this traditional family cycle and society.

‘’We are right now living in an entrepreneurial era, and we’re blessed to have tons of new opportunities online and offline. No matter from where someone comes from, what age, what gender, what religion or what they went through. All it matters is where we go to. We all have the power to change our lives with one single decision. I always wanted to live in freedom, have more options, go spontaneously to any place I want, be my own boss and show other people how to do the same.’’

100x Goals, Actions and Impact

A big part of Ozzins success comes from lots of trials and errors. Being grateful, but yet stubborn and clear about her dreams. Backed up with extreme persistency and passion. She 100x her goals and aims high, but at the same time she is willing to take 100x actions and focus on serving people. ‘’Life is all about great relationships and the same applies business. Business is all about people and great leadership.’’

My mum used to tell me that I was always a stubborn child with big ambitions. Whenever I wanted to accomplish something, there was no going back. For example, when I was younger, I did ballet. I wanted to be able to make splits in a few days and do something acrobatic haha. I used to rehearse and train day and night for hours consistently while I would cry until I mastered it. My mum would come to my room and stand there with a worried face telling me: My daughter, why are you doing this to yourself? Who said so that you have to do this? My answer was: I said so.’’ And I would continue until I master it. No one can really stop me when I decided to accomplish something. Same applies in business.

Ozzins Mission

Currently, Ozzin owns and manages Jun International Coaching Ltd. And offers a life-changing program that is tailored to the people’s needs. She helps coaches, consultants, course creators or aspiring entrepreneurs to start and grow their own coaching business from scratch. For already advanced coaches and consultants, she offers an elite coaching program where they can take their coaching business to the next level.

Ozzin wants to inspire more woman in entrepreneurship and leadership positions with her company @womanpowerleaders. She feels driven to change the face of feminism and points out that leadership must be redefined, as well differently integrated in corporations. It’s about supporting men and woman equally while using the infusive power collectively for the biggest impact possible.

Her long-term vision is to transform the education- and health sector which is strongly connected with her media company @youruniversalway Ozzin is driven to make a positive

impact on future generations and sustainable growth by combining, human design, design- and business-thinking. She wants to take more human-centered approach to solve urgent world problems. Creating a huge platform to boost mental health for entrepreneurs and artists. Supporting third world countries, disadvantages families, smaller businesses and build children-adult schools.

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