Be Your Own Boss And Create Your Own Destiny - Darius

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Darius has changed his life and is helping people do the same with trading mentorship & guidance.

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Not everyone gets admission to ivy league colleges. Not everyone gets the privilege of good quality education. There are many who don’t get the option of education at all. But, has education been the only criterion for the success of a person? There are many successful personalities who don't even graduate. So, how did they become who they are? The curiosity to learn things and be someone has motivated them to have a name. Let’s know about one such personality - Darius.

Early life

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Darius comes from Seattle and had an unfortunate background. Seattle didn’t have a lot of opportunities, especially for minorities. The financial crunch in his family made it impossible for him to complete his graduation. He led a troubled life in his teens and early 20s. He was also incarcerated and lost his meaning of life. Until one day, when he came home with a desire to learn wholesaling. For that, he knocked on more than 360 doors. He became a self-taught learner who considers Forex trading as a blessing in his life.

One incident that he vividly remembers from a young age is when his grandmother lost her home, back in 2008. It was because of the Suprime loan mortgage crash that left them in a devastating condition. That was the turning point of Darius’s life. It was then, he decided that he will be his own boss and will create his own destiny.

Career Story

Darius learned about the basic charts of the stock market and Forex trading. He saw that as an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. Forex stands for foreign exchange. It is the largest, most liquid market in the world, which exchanges trillion dollars in a day. This market has helped Darius make lots of money. He gained knowledge to know how to start his business, how to set up a business and run a successful company.

All of his career prospects were dedicated to the Forex which ran 24 hours a day for five days. Gradually, it helped him establish a better life with the vision to share it with the community. He is starting a nonprofit to teach the youth and students how to read and understand charts. That is his true purpose in life to give meaning to the lives of lost souls. He started from zero to reach a point where he is pulling others up, and he considers this as one of his greatest life blessings.

His vision is to motivate and change the lives of people who faced a similar situation in their life. He is a firm believer in the fact that mindset is everything. He believes in the power of positive energy and that everything in life can be achieved when you are persistent to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. He wants people to be humble and not to hurt anyone. For Darius, fear doesn’t exist and he promotes that success is the greatest freedom that anyone can have.

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