Owen Cheung laughs at notion of regaining "Bad Luck King" moniker

4 Dec– Owen Cheung is still feeling the effect of his previous injury sustained from an accident during the rehearsal for the TVB Anniversary Gala two weeks after it happened.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who spoke to the media at the celebratory banquet for TVB's "Finding Her Voice" recently, stated that he can still feel dull pain from the previous injury that has also affected his shoulder mobility.

"I was supposed to start muscle training for "Legal Mavericks 2", which will begin filming sometime this month, but now I had to stop temporarily," he said.

When mentioned that he might be gaining his "Bad Luck King" moniker again - the nickname he got after several of his dramas were shelved earlier this year due to Jacqueline Wong's scandal - Owen laughed and said that it might be the case.

"I recently participated in a game on "Do Did Eat" with Jeannie Chan recently. We won from beginning to end, but picked the wrong currency. In the end, I only won HKD 1.74. Jeannie couldn't help but laugh at me. I hope my luck will be better next year," he said.

(Photo Source: Owen Cheung Instagram)