Overcoming the Challenges of Remote Working in Singapore

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Make your work-from-home arrangement for comfortable and efficient.
Make your work-from-home arrangement for comfortable and efficient.

COVID-19 has forced people to set up temporary work space in their homes. While the situation seems to be improving, it’s still too early to go back into the office and we never know when workplaces will default back to work-from-home (WFH) arrangements. The fact is that we need to be nimble to implement social distancing on a whim and future proof our homes for such unforeseeable events. Seeing that sporadic WFH may become a thing of the future, it’s probably time to reflect on how we can work remotely in a more productive way.

Is remote working unproductive?

To this day, the concept of remote working continues to garner mixed reactions from local employers and employees alike. While some have adapted and prefer having more flexibility over their schedules with less time spent commuting, others––in particular, parents with young children or those who live with many family members under one roof––are finding it difficult to focus due to the distractions in their environment.

Other challenges often cited include the absence of a designated area or room for working, a blurrier line between one’s personal and professional world, as well as a lack of self-discipline and motivation due to isolation from colleagues and reduced supervision. However, infrastructure limitations like slow internet speed, WiFi dead zones caused by obstruction of signals due to the house layout, and technical hiccups form the biggest challenge of all – affecting performance, productivity and satisfaction.

Mesh – the mighty WFH solution

What it all comes down to is the quality of your broadband connection. A simple fibre broadband is no longer enough for the WFH generation of today, where there is a growing need for network stability, multiple connectivity, security and comfort. If all the people in the same household were to be able to work, play and socialise online at the same time with little-to-no compromise to quality, remote working could be a more rewarding experience.

Singtel’s all-new Work From Home Bundles have been designed to enhance your WFH life as you navigate the new normal. Each bundle revolves around mesh network technology, which intuitively provides better WiFi coverage across your home, so you can enjoy stable connection and lose less speed even when you move from room to room. Meshing is an easily scalable way to eliminate potential dead zones traditional routers are unable to cover. Meshing is perfect for areas prone to poor connectivity, and more beneficial for a user to better leverage the full benefits of our network capabilities.

How do you decide which bundle to get? Generally, the 1Gbps package is suitable for medium-sized homes with 2 – 3 bedrooms, while a 2Gbps package is suitable for households that require higher bandwidth for bandwidth-intensive activities across multiple devices without compromising on speed.

In addition to special offers for new sign-ups like 10% savings on mobile subscriptions, Singtel’s Mesh Bundles, which come in 1Gbps and 2Gbps (with a mesh extender) options, also include value-added products and services like Security Suite Plus for all-round cyber-safety when you browse, bank or shop online; as well as Microsoft 365 to make your transition from working in the office to WFH as seamless and stress-free as possible, with the full suite of Office applications and 1TB of online storage space.

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