Over 400 Condé Nast Employees to Stage 24-Hour Walkout Tuesday Amid Layoffs

Over 400 unionized Condé Nast employees will stage a 24-hour walkout on Tuesday, the Condé Nas union announced Monday.

As part of the walkout, a rally is planned to take place outside the new New York City headquarters of the media giant, whose brands Vanity Fair, Vogue, Teen Vogue and GQ among many others.

The work stoppage will take place the same day as the Academy Awards nominations are set to be announced, which could impact the digital traffic of Condé Nast outlets.

A video accompanying the union’s announcement included the names of those who’ve pledged to join the work stoppage.

The walkout comes following the guild’s Jan. 8 announcement that it has filed an unfair labor practices complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, accusing Condé Nast of engaging in “unlawful bargaining tactics” that include regressive bargaining. (A form of bad faith negotiation in which one party attempts to squeeze the other by reducing their offer in each subsequent round of talks.)

The union also shared a post from earlier this month that notes that after laying off members of the Bon Appétit visual team and instituting a hiring freeze, the company advertised two positions that are almost exactly the same as those of the employees being laid off.

Following the announcement, director and activist Boots Riley was among those calling attention to the work stoppage — he shared the union’s post on social media.

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