What outfits should you wear to suit your body type?

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What outfits should you wear to suit your body type?
What outfits should you wear to suit your body type?

17 Sep 2021: What outfits should you wear to suit your body type?

Fashion is one thing that never stops evolving. Region, religion, seasons and age have been determining the style of fashion, but there's one factor, probably the most important, which should be kept in mind while choosing what to wear: Your body type. Body types are of three kinds- endomorphic, ectomorphic and mesomorphic- and today we'll discuss what men should wear as per their frame.

Endomorphic body: Endomorphic body type: Choose vertically striped shirts, broad-fit trousers

Endomorphic body is one that is pear-shaped. Vertically striped shirts with longer lengths suit this body the most. Avoid narrow bottomed shirts. For pants, fitting should never be tight near your torso. Since this body type is toward being more fat, pencil or narrow fit pants is a strict no-no. Instead, pick broad-fit pants for a casual look. Tuck your shirt most times.

Slim body: Ectomorphic body: Pencil-fit pants, avoid sleeveless or broad printed shirts

Ectomorphic body is the thin type, with long legs. Pencil to narrow-fit pants are best for them. Make sure the pencil-fit pants are not sticky near your ankles. If you are an ectomorph, you would look perfect in structured suit jackets and blazers, with narrow-edged formal shoes. Avoid sleeveless, broad printed shirts and proportional fit pants. Buy padded shoulder tops and horizontally striped shirts.

Inverted body: Mesomorphic body: Focus on your muscular upper; denims look ultimate

Mesomorphs have more muscles and you would obviously draw attention toward your upper body. So, honor those muscular biceps and tight chest with wide shoulder shirts and shrug on T-shirts. Avoid skin-tight pants. Go for narrow-bottom pants instead and V-shaped T-shirts with shorthands. Denim wear would look ultimate on you, complete with proper boots and a cap. Absolute NO: Padded jackets or unstructured blazer.

End note: These are a few general tips any man should follow

Here are a few general tips: -Invest in a classy watch: Fashion experts say that watches can never go out of fashion. It's "a piece of art," says Don Cochrane, MD, Vertex. -Grooming is essential: Well-dressed and unclean look do not go hand in hand. -Your shoes talk: Invest in expensive shoes. They may cost a bomb, but will last almost a decade.

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