'Saturday Night Live' spoofs 'Joker' with Oscar The grouch parody

Stranger Things star David Harbour hosted Saturday Night Live on Oct. 12. (Photo: Will Heath/NBC)

He’s by far the grittiest character on Sesame Street, but is Oscar the Grouch ready for the Joker treatment?

Saturday Night Live’s 12 October episode saw the moody Muppet starring in a fake film trailer parodying Joker’s dark anti-hero origin story.

The fictional Grouch — “from director Todd Phillips and the writer of P is for Potty!,” a narrator intones — sees this week’s host, Stranger Things star David Harbour, playing a grumpy, trash-fetishising garbage man who bemoans the “hookers and pimps on every corner” of, yes, Sesame Street.

Sure enough, Kenan Thompson’s Snuffleupagus appears as a tough-talking pimp laying down the law for Prairie Dawn, while Ernie gets slashed trying to protect his rubber duckie from a mugger, much to pal Bert’s horror. The Count turns to drugs, Big Bird starts stripping, Cookie Monster panhandles and Elmo gets hauled into a cop car.

It all makes Oscar ... “grouchy.”

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“If everyone calls you trash, everyone treats you like trash, why don’t you just become trash?”

Harbour’s Oscar explains to his therapist as a montage shows him painting himself green, hoisting a black garbage bag over his shoulder and stepping into a bin.

Oscar the Grouch speaks onstage during The 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. (Michael Buckner/WireImage) 22542_004_0818.JPG

“Brought to you by the letter ‘R,’” the parody mimics Joaquin Phoenix’s transformation from downtrodden Arthur Fleck into the Joker, complete with a shimmy down a staircase and a jazzy suit.

But while Joker continues to dominate the box office, Grouch sadly won’t see the light of day — unless Phillips feels inspired? With apologies to Harbour, “stranger things” have happened.