Oscar Siu closes down bun shop in Causeway Bay

6 Mar – Oscar Siu recently revealed that he has closed down one of his bun shops following the pandemic.

As reported on Mingpao, the former singer who is the owner of the six Ging Sun Ho King of Bun outlets around Hong Kong, ended the operation of the store in Causeway Bay's Lantern Street recently, saying that the three-year lease on the shop lot has already expired.

"Although the owner offered to lower the rent, the market conditions have been poor so we decided to move out," he said.

However, Oscar stressed that he will bring his employees from the shop to help out at his other branches. Currently the other five stores are operating normally.

On the other hand, Avis Chan, who owns six hair salons, revealed that business has been hard for the past few months because of the pandemic, with his branch in North Point that opened in January suffering the most.

"It has been quite a difficult time," he added.

(Photo Source: Oscar Siu Instagram)