Orlando’s Airport Just Opened Its New Terminal to Non-travelers — What to Know

Send off loved ones or explore the new terminal, boarding pass not required.

Orlando International Airport is making it easier for families to waive off loved ones from the gate, or explore its newest terminal, with a new visitor pass allowing people without a ticket to pass through security.

The Experience MCO Visitor Pass Program, which the airport launched as a pilot this month, allows travelers without a boarding pass or flight to access the post-security areas. The program is available for Orlando’s Terminal C, the airport’s newest space.

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“Traveling is usually the only way to experience the full scope of amenities beyond the security checkpoints at Orlando International Airport. Not anymore,” according to a statement from the airport. “The pilot program allows guests to visit the innovative new terminal’s post-security areas to enjoy the many food and retail concessions for leisure purposes.”

To apply for the program, visitors must fill out an online form and receive approval from the Transportation Security Administration. Applicants can fill out the form up to seven days in advance.

Approved applicants will receive an email with their approval status after midnight on the day of their planned visit.

Those who are approved must go through security and present their digital approval. All visitors will have to use the regular airport security lanes, however, since expedited programs like TSA PreCheck and Clear will not be available for pass holders.

Pass holders must exit the terminal by 8 p.m.

Orlando isn’t the first to pilot a program allowing non-ticket holders to access the airport. In 2017, Pittsburgh International Airport became the first airport in the country to allow non-ticketed people to pass through airport security.

And in 2019, Tampa International Airport introduced an “All Access program” in which non-travelers could enter post-security areas. Currently, the program has been suspended so the airport can “evaluate the passenger volumes at our security checkpoints.”

The Orlando program comes about a year after the airport debuted its brand-new terminal featuring Bluetooth navigational beacons, experiential multimedia installations, wireless chargers, and more.

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