How to Organize Your Bathroom to Make Busy Mornings Easier

A few quick bathroom organizing tips can help you get out the door in no time flat.

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The morning rush begins long before you head out the door, as everyone races around to get ready on time. And the bathroom—where all the tooth-brushing, hair-styling, and face-washing happens— can quickly become a traffic jam of epic proportions. But if you follow a few strategies for how to organize your bathroom, you can easily streamline your morning routine, and help ensure a more stress-free morning for everyone.

Try these bathroom organization ideas (courtesy of professional organizer Jamie Hord, founder of Horderly) to help you make your mornings a little more zen.

Get everything you can out of your bathroom

The best first step to organize your bathroom is to pull everything out and assess what you have, paring down anything that's expired or unused. "Sort everything into piles to see how much you have of one item," Hord says. "You very well might not know that you have 10 different moisturizers and there's really only two that you like."

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In addition to a deep declutter, Hord recommends rehoming any excess products you can—like extra shampoo or soap, or the rest of that TP case. "Put anything you're not using everyday out of prime real estate," Hord says. "Perhaps a hall closet or laundry closet could store your extra towels, toilet paper and products. If there's extra space in the kids' rooms, perhaps their towels or backstock items could live there instead."

Give everyone a designated spot for their stuff

Rather than having everyone hunt down their own products in a jumble of bottles and brushes, opt to create designated spaces for each person to stash their gear. "Everyone should have their own individual space that they have ownership of. For example, create lower drawers for each kiddo so that they can easily access themselves—keeping medicines out of reach, of course," Hord says. "If your husband is taller, give him the upper shelves in the medicine cabinet."

Group your morning routine products together

Putting everything you need for your morning routine in one spot makes it super-simple to get ready in the morning—whether you opt for a basket or caddy, or just a certain shelf. That will reduce the amount of time you spend hunting down your sunscreen or mouthwash.

Pare down your routine to the essentials

Keep your morning routine as streamlined as possible. "If you're a big fan of lots of different products, try to use up one product before trying another or change out every once in a while," Hord says. "When you have too many multiples in one spot, you will never use one up in a proper amount of time and your space will always feel crammed."

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Consider nontraditional spots for morning to-dos

If you have multiple people sharing a bathroom, getting everyone ready and out on time can be a challenge. You might consider looking at everyone's routines and looking for activities that can take place outside the bathroom, such as hair-styling, or even brushing teeth—which could be done by the kitchen sink post-breakfast.

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Just make sure that you create storage in that space for your items—so your toothbrush doesn't end up in the sink with the dirty dishes. "Find a nice toothbrush holder to hold your toothbrush up and out of the way—we don't want the toothbrush just landing on the kitchen counter, or under the sink where cleaning supplies most likely live."

Label everything for better bathroom organization

A label-maker is your best friend in helping keep products where they belong. "Label each area and category so that it's foolproof to find items and put them back," Hord says. (That'll help reduce the number of times you have to organize your bathroom yet again.)

Think outside the bathroom vanity and linen closet

With a little creativity—and the right bathroom organizational gear—you can find other spots to store your stuff, even in the tiniest bathrooms. The back of the door can be utilized with an over-the-door storage unit, or you can opt for baskets under or over a vanity or cabinet, Hord suggests.

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