Orchard Yong Tau Fu opens 1st branch at Recess Time food court

Used to a far more cramped corner shop setting, it seems Orchard Yong Tau Fu has expanded their reach. On 7 Nov, the lunch-crowd-luring yong tau foo stall opens a branch at the air-conditioned food court Recess Time at Ubi.

Orchard Yong Tau Fu - Recess Time

The parent stall is located at Cuppage Plaza and is sized on the cosier side of things. They’re not exactly located in a bustling mall along Orchard Road, either. Despite all that, what draws so many in? It’s likely their home-style cooking and wallet-friendliness. Important qualities that they’re sure to bring to their Recess Time branch.

A bowl with a minimum of 6 ingredients will cost S$5.40. A single ingredient as well as noodles or rice go for S$0.90 each.

Orchard Yong Tau Fu branch - stall

Orchard Yong Tau Fu offers good old classics like sliced bitter gourd, mushrooms, and stuffed tofu. If they’re still keeping to the ingredients they have at the first stall, you can expect unique choices such as salted duck eggs, stuffed tomatoes, lobster balls, pumpkins and century eggs.

For the broth, they offer a variety aside from their yellow soybean soup, like tom yum and laksa.

Orchard Yong Tau Fu - Orchard stall

Operating since 2002, it’s impressive how they’ve initially kept their first store going so well. The owners have themselves acknowledged the issue of limited space, and responded by expanding the seating area.

Still, it certainly didn’t stop a snaking line or crowd from gathering outside their stall. Based on that, the decision to open a new branch is unsurprising.

Orchard Yong Tau Fu won’t be the only stall at the over-year old food court, but here’s to hoping they continue to bring a crowd in. At least if a line forms despite the number of seats, the place is air-conditioned.

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