'It has to be aliens': UFO-like train of lights in sky stupefy Mississauga, Ont. residents

"Is it shooting stars?" "That's the size of Islington Avenue!" "It's Santa Clause!"

Starlink train passing over Mississauga

A Starlink train captured on video passing over Mississauga is stirring reaction online as those witnessing it are left with an otherworldly vibe.

Appearing as a string of bright light in the night sky, the 'train' of close-proximity Starlink satellites in orbit often prompt numerous UFO-sightings due to the unnatural look observers say they are left with.

"Is it shooting stars?" "That's the size of Islington Avenue!" "It's Santa Clause!" are some of the responses recorded in the video, which was shared over Instagram.

What were the sightings in the sky?

Starlink — a brainchild of billionaire Elon Musk —has its eyes set on providing global internet by means of blasting thousands of satellites into space. The rate at which they are being placed into orbit are what is causing the public to think we are under an alien invasion.

A mega-constellation in development by spaceflight company SpaceX has its aim to place 42,000 satellites in orbit, with 4,198 circling the globe as of May 31.

The 'trains' are actually still a rare sight as they are only visible shortly after launch. As they climb to an orbit level of 550 km above the earth, they slowly disperse and become more difficult to spot.

What viewers are saying about the Starlink sighting

Users' comments under post of Skylink train spotted over Mississauga
Users' comments under post of Skylink train spotted over Mississauga

The video posted to a local Toronto Instagram group is causing quite a stir in the comment section with responses ranging from comical to full-on conspiracy theories.

"Santa Clause going back to the North Pole with his crew," shared one user.

"Drones??" shared another confused user.

With the scene being reported over Canada, some comments had a local twist with one user writing "Canada geese with head lights on."

With the recent uptick of alien-related news headlines, an alien invasion was top-of-mind for some of the commenters.

"It has to be aliens, what else can it be?"

"The disclosure is finally happening," shared one user convinced we are being visited by other planetary species.

"Harrp... Project Bluebeam" shared another social media user pulling reference to several popular conspiracy theories in circulation.

Tell us: What do you think of the Starlink satellite plan?

While wide-spread global internet coverage is a goal shared by many tech companies, many individuals are expressing concern over private companies monopolizing space.

With news of Musk's lofty goal of surrounding the earth with satellites, China responded earlier this year, and afraid of missing out to their competition, announced their own goal of shooting 13,000 satellites into orbit.

As these satellite 'trains' will increase exponentially in the near future, space agencies suggest that the light pollution from these mega constellations will become so strong that it could obscure natural celestial bodies and are calling for greater regulations from government agencies.

If you want to catch a glimpse of a Starlink train near you, you can see when the next one is scheduled using this Starlink locator website.