Onitsuka Tiger’s Fall Winter 2022 Collection Honours The Legacy Of Japanese Punk Fashion

Onitsuka Tiger Fall Winter 2022 Collection
Onitsuka Tiger Fall Winter 2022 Collection

As the term Y2K trends and vintage wear is back in vogue now, the Onitsuka Tiger Fall Winter 2022 collection transports you back further ‒ straight to the heart of Harajuku in the 1980s. A collection that blends the legacy of Japanese punk fashion, it is reformed with modern Western flairs under the artistic direction of Andrea Pompilio.

Coined as “Shadow”, the lineup from the Japanese fashion brand sees a fully monochromatic look. With the stark contrast of the midnight black and crisp white accent highlights, the collection is an urbanised interpretation of visual kei, which sees similarities with Western glam rock. It is edgy, dashing and queer.

Incorporating this is thus an assemblage of androgynous looks, with plays in textures and embellishments. Runway models were dressed in layers; the pairings of overtly large T-shirts with kaftan, also known as overdress, and bulky coats conceal the forms and silhouette ‒ a twist of Japanese ceremonial dress.

By hiding the focal points of the figures, it is the pinnacle of genderless fashion. This, too, is part of a large fashion subculture in modern Japan, once again showing how the collection pays tribute to the brand’s origin. Yet, while an all-black look can be chic and stylish, it may come across as bleak, or even intimidating to both the wearer and viewers.

To add depth, Pompilio offers graphic flames, flowers and patterns in white, just to tie in and accentuate the looks together. Not only that, the different materials too, add into a new dimension. With shiny nylon jackets, knitwears and refi ned glossy nylon chunky boots, the monochrome shade range does not equate a monotonous look.

Onitsuka Tigerʼs Fall Winter 2022 is an old-school goth seen with the modern-glamour glasses of Pompilio, a collection that revisits the legacy of the brand in fashion vernacular.

(Images: Onitsuka Tiger)