Do Onions Placed In A Room Keep Infections At Bay? You’ll Be Surprised To Know The Truth!

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Home remedies can come in quite handy, especially now when we’re all cooped up inside our homes. They can help cure a variety of illnesses and infections. But one family’s unique approach to home remedy surprised even the medical professionals.

Believe it or not, they managed to get through a change of seasons with their health intact and no infections, all because they kept a peeled onion in their bedroom. Yes, you read that right!

This Family Kept An Onion In Bedroom For Cold And Other Infections

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A post by a Webtretho user named DauTayMom garnered a lot of attention after she shared a simple home remedy that helped cure her family from seasonal illness.

The user’s sister suggested placing an onion in their bedroom for the cold. DauTayMom was surprised to find that this unique home remedy actually worked for her family. They even claim they haven’t experienced respiratory diseases since trying this out.

Benefits Of Placing An Onion In Your Bedroom For A Cold

In explaining how onions help prevent flu and colds, Bui Hong Minh, the Chairman of Ba Dinh Oriental Medicine Association, Hanoi, shared that since onions are inherently bactericidal, they can clean the indoor air. This, in turn, helps in reducing the risks of catching colds as onions can use their antibacterial properties to kill infectious bacteria.

Other benefits of onions include:

  • Purifying body from germs and bacteria

  • Cleansing the lungs

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • Promoting healing effect when peeled and placed in the corner of a room

How To Properly Place An Onion Indoors To Enhance Your Immunity

onion in bedroom for cold
onion in bedroom for cold

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If you are keen to try this workable home remedy, here’s how you must begin:

  • Pick a fresh onion that still has its roots intact

  • Place the onion on top of a cup of water until its roots are about 1cm deep in the water.

  • Place it in a well-lit place so that the onion can quickly grow its leaves and roots

  • After 3 to 5 days, change the water of the cup

  • When its roots are long enough to touch the floor of the glass, prune its leaves as much as you like then continue to peel off the onion’s outer skin until you see its white inner skin.

  • You can place the onion in a jar or a cup then place it in any suitable location around your house, like your bedroom or the living room.

  • Don’t worry if you’ve found that your onion has wilted or damaged as you can always replace it with a new bulb.

Try this home remedy and let us know how it worked. Always remember that a home remedy is after all a home remedy. Even with this quick-fix home remedy, it is still always best to seek further help from a doctor if you have concerns that exceed a simple cold.


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