The One Thing You Should Always Wear to the Airport to Save Money, According to TikTok

Heading out on a trip but don't want to pay for luggage? Try TikTok's favorite packing hack — a fishing vest.

As far as packing hacks go, we’ve heard them all. From rolling vs. folding to stuffing a pillowcase with your clothing instead of bringing a carry-on, and even how to pack for a three-month trip with only a carry-on. But this new tip from TikTok has, well, really reeled us in — pun intended.

Shared by TikTok user @CheapHolidayExpert, the latest tip we've come across involves a fisherman's vest — the kind you’d wear when heading out on a fly-fishing adventure — to help avoid any extra baggage fees.

“That is definitely another win for not paying for any luggage,” she explained in the video where she sported the vest underneath her jacket.

The vest, which she picked up the vest for a mere $10.99 on Amazon, was packed with carry-on essentials and more including gym clothes, a speaker, headphones, passport, a deck of cards, deodorant, and a bikini. And, she used the vest’s massive back pocket to stow her laptop.

Next, Chelsea takes everyone with her as she scans her passport, and as the crew checks her other bags. And lo and behold, makes it to the plane with her vest no questions asked.

Users were quick to jump in the comments section to praise her ingenuity, including one commenter who said, “I spent so long looking for a travel jacket with [tons] of pockets I don’t know why I never thought of this.” Another even suggested a way to take it a step further by adding, “This and cargo pants?? Life-changing.”

Other TikTokers have taken up the call to test it for themselves to see if they can replicate the results, including user @Witchy.Crafty, aka Robin Snow, who called it “the best travel hack I have ever found.”

She too fit a ton of things in the pockets, including several pairs of socks, hair products, makeup, toiletries, electronics, two sets of headphones, and a swimsuit.

So, for now, the hack appears to be working, but who know how long it will last until airlines get wise to our tricks. But who cares, right? At least you can get an arguably very fashion-forward fall vest of out it.

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